Interview with Man Chingying Phoebe by Leung Chiwo Warren

In the second part of the interview, Man singles out two of her most satisfactory works, and talks about some artists she likes and their influences on her works (00:00–7:30). She also thinks art reviews and critiques are lacking in Hong Kong art circles. When it comes to local installation artworks, she comments, they can be characterised as being not quite Chinese and not quite Western, as well as being created for 'instantaneous consumption' (7:40–15:30). Towards the end of the interview, Man discusses the relationship between artworks and their textual descriptions, as well as her similarities and differences with ordinary Hongkongers (15:30–24:17).    


在訪問的第二節,文氏提到兩個她滿意的個人作品,也談及喜歡的藝術家及其作品對她的影響 (00:00-7:30)。她又認為香港藝圈缺乏評論及討論,認為本地裝置藝術作品有種不中不西及「即食」的特質 (7:40-15:30)。文氏最後討論文字描述與作品的關係和自己跟一般香港人的異同 (15:30:24:17)。 

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Interview with Man Chingying Phoebe, 15 July 1998 (Part 2), 訪問文晶瑩,一九九八年七月十五日(第二部份)