Funded by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, this research project was initiated by sLab Director Keith Whittle to explore contemporary Japanese media art from the point of view of Japanese curators, academics, distributors, commentators, producers and artworkers in the field. This was done through interviews, collated information and documentation. It aims to gain insight into the methodologies of media art practice within Japan, better understand curatorial strategies of Japanese curators, canvas the opinions of Japanese media artists on how their work is represented at home and abroad, and to gain a better critical overview of the essential differences or similarities of approach to media art practice in Japan as compared to the United Kingdom.

Disc 1
DVD containing Quicktime Movie files of all 8 interviews.

Disc 2
DVD containing Masaki Fujihata's interview.

Disc 3
DVD containing Machiko Kusuhara's interview.

Disc 4
DVD containing Hide Nakaya's interview.

Disc 5
DVD containing minim++'s interview.

Disc 6
DVD containing Atsuhito Sekiguchi's interview.

Disc 7
DVD containing Takashi Serizawa's interview.

Disc 8
DVD containing Tomoyuki Sugiyama's interview.

Disc 9

CD containing interviewee biographies, interview questions, transcripts and supporting documentation in the form of photographs.

Interviews conducted in English, all documentation in English.

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Interviews With Japanese Media Art Practitioners

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