IT Park gallery made this CD-Rom for internal use on thier presentation at a symposium of alternative space in Asia, 'In-Between', which took place in Seoul in May 2004.


- Power point files made by the director Chen Hui-chiao:
Presentation at the 'In-Between' conference
Introduction of the artists chosen for relevant event/ single channel video exhibition 'Move on Asia'
Introduction of the artists chosen for relevant publication project 'Now & Now'
Introduction of contemporary Taiwanese artists who were born between 1952 and 1980

- Writings on the IT Park Gallery both in Chinese and English:
IT Park Gallery 1988-2001: Multiple Relations in One Creative Wave (by CHEN Hui-chiao / 2001)
Taipei’s IT Park in Gwangju: Notes on the Occasion of IT Park’s Participation in the Gwangju Biennial 2002 (by Chia Chi Jason Wang / 2002)
IT Park (by Chen Hui-chiao / 2004)

- List of past exhibitions from 1990 to 2004

- Images of invitations of each exhibition from 1990 to 2004

- Mpeg files of art works by representative contemporary Taiwanese artists (CHANG Genhau, CHEN Chiehjen, Etat Lab, HUNG Tunglu, KU Shihyung, LAI Chihsheng LIN Hsini, MEI Deane, PENG Hungchih, TSUI Kuangyu, TU Weicheng, WANG Junjieh, WANG Teyu, WANG Yahui, WU Chitsung, WU Tienchang, YUAN Goangming)

- Biography of Chen Hui-chiao
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IT Park, Taipei, 台北 伊通公園

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