Guangdong Times Museum presents 'If This Is a Man' by Jiang Zhi from April to June 2012.

The four-book boxed set under the title If This Is a Man contains the accompanying catalogues of four exhibitions, including 'If This Is a Man'—Jiang Zhi’s solo exhibition curated by Bao Dong and Nikita Cai Yingqian; 'Mu Mu' and 'Landscape of the Very Spirit' which are curated by Jiang Zhi and showcase his photographic work; and 'The Man with the Eye-white - Oil Portrait Paintings by Xiong Wangzhou,' curated by Jiang Zhi and featuring Chinese oil painter, Xiong Wangzhou.

The publications include Jiang Zhi’s writings as well as essays and interviews by the curators. Along with a selection of critical essays, the catalogue If This Is a Man also collects various writings about the artist by Qiu Zhijie, Chen Tong, Chen Xiaoyun and others.
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jiang zhi: ru guo zhe shi yi ge ren

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Chapter headings
If This Is a Man/ 如果這是一個人
'If This Is a Man'/ '如果這是一個人' - BAO Dong, 鮑棟
Questions for Jiang Zhi/ 給蔣志的問題 - Nikita Yingqian CAI, 蔡影茜
Perishable Objects/ 易腐爛的物品 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
An Iron Pestle Ground Down to a Needle/ 鐵棒磨成針 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
The Autocracy of Jade Maiden Snow Daughter, aka 'The Lover'/ 情人玉女雪兒的專制 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
Let There Be Light No.1/ 要有光之一 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
The Blinding Light/ 強烈到不可見的光 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
A Work/ 一件作品 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
A Short Moment/ 短暫 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
If This Is a Man/ 如果這是一個人 - CHEN Veronic-Ting, 維洛尼卡
If This Is 'That' Man/ 如果這是'那'個人... - CHEN Veronic-Ting, 維洛尼卡
Tears of Gillian/ 阿嬌的眼淚 - CHEN Tong, 陳侗
Our Love - (Each) Other(s') World/ 香麗平-他世界 - HUANG Xiaolu, 黃小璐
Let's Take a Look at the Man Jiang Zhi/ 看看, 蔣志這個人 - QIU Zhijie, 邱志傑
Every Hazy Corner/ 每一迷離十米見方 - CHEN Xiaoyun, 陳曉雲
Jiang Zhi: A Rather Unclear State/ 蔣志: 不那麼明顯的狀態 - LI Zhenhua, 李振華
Mu Mu/ 木木
Mu Mu/ 木木 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
Mu Mu in 2006/ 木木在2006 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
Landscape of the Very Spirit/ 非常地妖的風景
An Art Critique on Yang Jia/ 關於楊佳的藝術評論 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
Man with the Eye-White/ 白眼人
Memoir of the Arty Youngsters in Yuanjiang/ 沅江文藝青年的回憶錄 - JIANG Zhi, 蔣志
Jiang Zhi: If This Is a Man
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Jiang Zhi: If This Is a Man, 蔣志: 如果這是一個人

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