With the belief that art must be a venue of fierce competitions of values, BOL focusses on defining the intellectual current of contemporary art. There is a main theme for each new issue, and the theme will be divided into several sub-themes, or topics. In this issue, the theme Panic is explored with Vaccuum, Regression and Excess as the sub-themes. Also included in the book is a series of photographs by Choi Min and Choi Sulki in the section of Excess under the heading nature.gif/nature.jpg.
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In Search of Non-Modernity - KIM Jongchul, 김종철
Terror, War, Culture
'Terror' is an odd word - Aijaz AHMAD
Art works on Book 2, Chapter 9 of 'Hwadoo', the novel of Choi In-Hoon - HWANG Sejun, 황세준
The Mystery of the Human Body
The Completion of the Extreme Materialism - JEONG Seoungcheol, 정숭철
Six Hundred and Seventy-Six Apparitions of Killoffer - Killoffer
The Perversion of the Male Intellectual Community in Korea - KIM Eunshil, 김은실
An Intellectual: His Fluctuating Existence - KIM Jinsong, 김진송
Mental Bankruptcy in Taeguki and Silmido - PARK Chankyong, 박찬경
Nuclear TV - HWANG Sejun, 황세준
The Subject and its Discontents in Cyberspace
A Reconciliation between S. Zizek's 'Ontological Apocalypse' and 'Performative Politics' on the Net Culture - LEE Manwoo
Ask the Sea / FRANK Obeys the Rule of Five - Jim WOODRING
Totalitarianism within Us - AHN Kyunghwa, 안경화
The Extremes of a Landscape
The Status of Art in the Republic of Korea in 2005 - CHO Seonryeong, 조선령
A Regression Named Freedom - CHO Seonryeong, 조선령
Study for Complexity - KIM Joohyun, 김주현
Atomic Time - Jim SANBORN
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Journal BOL: Panic (No. 1; Winter 2005)

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