'This is a collection of text and images documenting the "Journey to the East '97" programs. It includes creative notes, scripts of performances, critical essays, and visual records of the installation art. Scholars, directors, installation artists, art critics and performers coming from Australia, Canada, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland, all gathered in Hong Kong during the first three weeks in January 1997, to participate in the programs of the 'Journey,' which was part of the First International Conference on Urban Culture. The programs, include stage performances, installation art exhibition, arts criticism seminars and open forums on cultural policies. The performing art section was re-run in June 1997 in London, invited by the 9th London International Festival of Theatre.' (Excerpt from 'Preface' by Danny Yung, p.6)

With participants' biographies.
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'zhong guo lü cheng' 97' jie ji | A Cultural Exchange Project: A Program of the First International Conference on Urban Culture | 兩岸三地文化交流計劃: 第一屆城市文化國際會議節目

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'Journey to the East '97'/ '中國旅程’97':文化旅程第一站

- Danny YUNG, 榮念曾

'Journey to the East '97' - An Artistic Dialogue Across Regions, Fields and History/ '中國旅程’97'-跨地區/ 跨領域/ 跨歷史的一場藝術對話

- J.J. SHIH, 石瑞仁

'Journey to the East '97' - From the 'West' to the 'East'/ '中國旅程’97'-從'西方'走到'東方'

- OOI Vicki Chenghar, 黃清霞

One Table, Two Chairs and Six Gestures/ 一桌兩椅、六種姿勢

- YU Louis Kwoklit, 茹國烈

Chairs of Differences/ 不同的椅子

- LIN Kehuan, 林克歡

Go to Hong Kong and Take a Look/ 去昋港看看

- CHAN Yiwen, 陳以文

The Absent Role in 'Journey to the East '97'/ '中國旅程'97'裡缺席的角色

- LEUNG Mantao, 梁文道

Reflections on Zuni and 'Journey to the East '97'/ 對進念與'中國旅程'97'作反思'

- YEUNG Paul, 楊裕平

Transforming Everyday Objects to a 'Journey to the East' Monument/ 常見物品化為一座'中國旅程'97'界碑

- LIN Kehuan, 林克歡

Journey to the East' 97 - the Documentation
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Journey to the East' 97 - the Documentation, '中國旅程' 97' 結集