The 10th Biennale of Sydney presented a re-appraisal of older reproductive technologies including photography, film and print media. Reproductive technologies, the umbrella term for the subject under review, covers a wide range of media, from film to video and video installation, to animation, textiles, ceramics, interactive computer-based art, photography, the Internet, CD-ROMs, X-rays and fibre optics, amongst others. In recent years these diverse technologies, old and new, have offered artists around the globe an unprecedented range of novel and often challenging materials or vehicles to explore, as well as a plethora of potential subjects for critique. Confined to forty-eight artists from five continents, this exhibition does not attempt to survey the field of reproductive technologies. Instead it seeks to explore in depth the work of certain leading contemporary artists as they grapple with time-honoured methods of image-making at a moment when the prevailing forms and principal means of visual representation are undergoing radical revision. Artist biographies are provided in the catalogue.
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Visual Technologies and the Dispersal of Perception - Jonathan CRARY
The Invisible Pencil of Queen Mab - Elisabeth SUSSMAN
Travelling Shots - Leslie CAMHI
A Falsemeaning Adamelegy: artisanal signatures of difference after Gutenberg - Sarat MAHARAJ
Embodiments - Lynne COOKE
Jurassic Technologies Revenant: 10th Biennale of Sydney 1996
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Jurassic Technologies Revenant: 10th Biennale of Sydney 1996