Katrin de Guia is a German-born cultural worker, multimedia artist and art organizer who has been living in the Philippines since 1979. This book is the result of her pioneering research into the unique worldviews and lifestyles of Filipino culture-bearer artists. It comprises narrative accounts, critical essays and other writing in a variety of literary styles combined with theories and findings about Filipino psychology, cognitive science models and chaos research, from which a profile of Filipino personhood emerges. Includes bibliography and glossary of Filipino words and concepts.

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Chapter headings
Part I: Looking for the Filipino Among Filipinos
Mythic Man: The Self in the Other
Ang Pagkataong Filipino: A Theory of Filipino Personhood
The Filipino Culture-Bearer Artist as Shaman
Roberto Villanueva: The Mumbaki One
Part II: Culture as Resistance
Bathala Na! In the Spirit of the Ancestors
Kidlat Tahimik: The Cosmic Warrior
Pakikibaka: Together as One
Auraeus Solito and the Tales of the Golden Turtle
Lakas ng Loob: Courage Through Faith
The Umbilical Cord of Angel Shaw
Part III: Filipino Personhood and the Primary Ways of Knowing
Going Deeper: The Value of Memory
Katuwirang Landas: The Path of the Filipino Mystics
Rene Aquitania — The Walker
Memory Weaving: Ancestral Filipino Ways
Part IV: Ancestral Knowledge Systems and Practices
K'buohan: Wholeness
Perry Argel and His Ritual of Daily Living
Pamathalaan: God-Inspired Leadership
Gregorio Masculino Jr. and the Pugaran
Conclusion: Postmodern Patterns: Strands of Kapwa in a Preno-less Society
Kapwa: The Self in the Other - Worldviews and Lifestyles of Filipino Culture-Bearers
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Kapwa: The Self in the Other - Worldviews and Lifestyles of Filipino Culture-Bearers