The initiative, Korean Eye, was started in 2009 by the collectors David and Serenella Ciclitira to promote Korean contemporary art to a Western audience by exhibiting the work of emerging and more established Korean artists internationally. Following the success of their inaugural exhibition, Korean Eye: Moon Generation, Skira published Korean Eye: Contemporary Korean Art, a reference book featuring seventy-five of Korea’s most renowned contemporary artists, selected by a curatorial team which consists of a mix of Korean and international art curators. In the book the artists are grouped under one of five categories:  Identity, Hybrid Culture, Staged Fantasy, Landscape, and Playing Reality.  Korean Eye is sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank and the Saatchi Gallery.   

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a multi-year initiative founded by Ciclitira which aims to promote Korean contemporary art to a Western and ultimately international audience.

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AHN Changhong, 안창홍

AHN Doojin, 안두진

BAE Chanhyo, 배찬효

BAE Joonsung, 배준성

BAHK Seonghi, 박선기

CHA Minyoung, 차민영

CHO Duckhyun, 조덕현

CHO Hoon, 조훈

CHOE Uram, 최우람

CHOI Taehoon, 최태훈

CHOI Woolga, 최울가

CHOI Xooang, 최수앙

CHOO Jongwan, 추종완

CHUN Kyungwoo, 천경우

CHUN Sungmyung, 천성명

CHUNG Dongsuk, 정동석

CHUNG Suejin, 정수진

GWON Osang, 권오상

HAM Kyungah, 함경아

Debbie HAN, 한데비

HAN Kichang, 한기창

HONG Kyoungtack, 홍경택

HONG Sungchul, 홍성철

HONG Sungdo, 홍성도

HONG Youngin, 홍영인

JANG Seunghyo, 장승효

JEON Joonho, 전준호

JI Yongho, 지용호

JUNG Haiyun, 정해윤

JUNG Yeondoo, 정연두

KANG Hyungkoo, 강형구

KANG Yujin, 강유진

KIM Ayoung, 김아영

KIM Dongyoo, 김동유

KIM Duckyong

KIM Heesoo, 김희수

KIM Hyunjun, 김현준

KIM Inbai, 김인배

KIM Joon, b. 1966, 김준

KIM Yongkwan, 김용관

KOH Myungkeun, 고명근

KWON Boomoon, 권부문

KWON Kisoo, 권기수

LEE Dongwook, 이동욱

LEE Gilwoo, 이길우

LEE Jaehyo, 이재효

LEE Kangwon, 이강원

LEE Leenam, 이이남

LEE Rim, 이림

LEE Sanghyun, 이상현

LEE Seahyun, 이세현

LEE Seungmin, 이승민

LEE Yongbaek, 이용백

LEE Yongdeok, 이용덕

Mioon, 뮌

NOH Sangkyoon, 노상균

PARK Eunyoung, 박은영

PARK Junghyuk, 박정혁

PARK Sangho, 박상호

PARK Seungmo, 박승모

PARK Sungtae, 박성태

SEONG Taijin, 성태진

SHIN Meekyoung, 신미경

SIM Seungwook

SONG Pill, 송필

SUN Mu, 선무

WHANG Inkie, 황인기

WON Seoungwon, 원성원

YEE Sookyung, 이수경

YI Hwankwon, 이환권

YOO Hyunmi, 유현미

YOON Jongseok, 윤종석

YUN Hyunsoo, 윤현수

YUN Sungji, 윤성지



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A Brief History of Modern Korean Art - KIM Youngna, 김영나
Korean Contemporary Art in the Era of Globalization - LEE Jiyoon, 이지윤
What Makes Contemporary Korean Art - LEE Daehyung
The Development of a Market - Rodman PRIMACK
Korean Eye: Contemporary Korean Art
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Korean Eye: Contemporary Korean Art

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