This is a monograph of the performance and experimental artist Kwok Mang-ho (a.k.a. Frog King). Photographs, clippings and articles about Frog King’s artistic activities are featured in this publication, offering a retrospective look at the development of his art and the contribution he made to the art scene, in particular, in Hong Kong and New York during the years from 1967-1997. Biographical information of Frog King is included. Note that only articles written for the purpose of this publication are catalogued under ‘Chapter Headings’.

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Kwok Mang Ho: The Happy Hopping Frog - HO Hing Kay Oscar, 何慶基

The Lone Frog King Leaps From The Ink Pond - Ming FAY, 費明杰

Breaking Down Barriers: The Art of Kwok Mang Ho - David CLARKE, 祈大衛

Kwok's Life in New York 80's and 90's - Arleen SCHLOSS

Toyo Write About Kwok - Toyo TSUCHIYA

能屈能伸的長青蛙 - TSANG Tak Ping Kith, 曾德平

水墨精神的勝利 -- 誌郭孟浩卅年回顧 - YU Saikin, 余世堅

Frog 就郭; Kwok 就蛙 -- 香港前衛藝術的先驅者郭孟浩 - CHUI Tze Hung, 徐子雄

九十年代中國美術 -- 香港裝置藝術簡介 - LAM Hon Kin Andrew, 林漢堅

愛玩的人 - GUO Jiaoliang, 郭櫵亮

Kwok-Art Life For 30 Years 1967-1997
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Kwok-Art Life For 30 Years 1967-1997, 郭孟浩遊藝三十年 1967-1997

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