This publication is produced on the occasion of the international forum held with Gwangju Biennale in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in September 2014. Under the theme 'Expanding Experience in Art,' the forum provides grounds for discussion on how art institutions throughout the world are investing innovative efforts to expand experiences in art for audience.

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삼성미술관 리움 - 광주비엔날레 포럼: 확장하는 예술경험

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conference proceedings

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Part I
Building a New Commonwealth: Experience and Engagement in the 21st Century Museum

- Nicholas SEROTA

Session 1: Evolving Exhibitions and Transforming Museums
Evolving Exhibitions: The National Museum of Korea in Transformation

- KIM Youngna, 김영나

Session 1: Redefining Museum Experiences in the Digital Era
Digital Technology and Evolving Museum Experiences

- HONG Rayoung, 홍라영

The New Normal: Reframing Digital in Museums

- Fiona ROMEO

Rijksstudio: Re-Inventing the Digital Rijksmuseum

- Martijn PRONK

Part II
Session 3: Proliferation of International Exhibitions and Evolution of Contemporary Art
Session 4: Walking with Artists
Venetian Passion for Art & Culture

- Francesca Bortolotto POSSATI

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art - Gwangju Biennale Forum: Expanding Experiences in Art
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Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art - Gwangju Biennale Forum: Expanding Experiences in Art