The present publication is the result of a research project which traces the development of the area of the banks of the Suzhou River in Shanghai, where warehouses and industrial buildings fell into disuse have been turned into art studios and warehouses since the 1990s. Photographical documentation as well as a dialogue with the artists are included.

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Chapter headings
Introduction: Looking Back: The History of Suzhou Creek
Chapter 1: The Origins and Evolution of the Art Warehouse
Section1: Suzhou Creek leads the way for China's art warehouses
Section 2: The vicissitudes of Shanghai's art warehouses
Section 3: New York's Soho: International forerunner of the art warehouse
Chapter 2: The Art Warehouses of Suzhou Creek
Section 1: Suzhou Creek in the process of change
Section 2: The story of how they came to Moganshan Road
Section 3: Other art warehouses along Suzhou Creek
Chapter 3: The Art Warehouses generate cultural industries
Section1: Establishing pluralist/diverse mechanisms for the conversion of resources
Section 2: Establishing a mode of interaction between art and life
Section 3: Connecting with the energy of urban spaces
Chapter 4: Interviews with Ruan Yisan and Artists
Section1: Interview with Professor Ruan Yisan of Tongji University
Section 2: Interviews with artists
Chapter 5: The Protection and Recycling of Industrial Heritage
Section 1: The significance of protecting industrial heritage
Section 2: Protection and recycling of industrial heritage outside China
Section 3: Concerning the destiny of Suzhou Creek's industrial heritage
Appendix 1: A field survey and analysis of the industrial architecture on the banks of Suzhou Creek
Appendix 2: An integral conversation plan for the Moganshan Road area on the south bank of Suzhou Creek
Left Bank of the Seine of the East: The Art Warehouses of Suzhou Creek
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Left Bank of the Seine of the East: The Art Warehouses of Suzhou Creek, 東方的塞納左岸:蘇州河沿岸的藝術倉庫

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