'The materials for the works of the exhibition have been taken from the ruins of different areas in Taiwan. I have reconstructed their spatial structures, changed their functions, and added some subjective observations to their original scenes. I am not copying reality at all. "Ruins", the basic element of my arts, are the architectures with specific functions and built by the people of the past. However, the functions have been disappeared, forgotten, disseminated, mystified as fairy tales or fables, or memorialised with time. After a period of time natural washing and erosion, they have become either deserted or splendorous. Recalling the past, once cannot help but sigh that time has gone so fast, and pay homage to some extinct industry.' - Lien Chienhsing's remarks on his works in the present exhibition catalogue.
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Lien Chien Hsing

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A Bluer Blue than Blue: A Literary Reading of Lien Chien-hsing's Art of Illusion

- YEH Yuhjihng, 葉玉靜

Anecdote of Deserted Cities: Weird Animal Garden at the Turn of the Century

- LIEN Chienhsing, 連建興

Lien Chien-Hsing
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Lien Chien-Hsing, 連建興