Featured in this CD-Rom is the O.K. Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst 2002 in Austria.

List of works are:
1) Little Danny
2) Cyber Arts 2002
3) Der globale Komplex
4) Shelter II - Christopher Buchel
5) How big is the world?
6) Parzivalsurvivaltrail

Little Danny is a 5-meter high dalmatian sculpture consisting of 3,000 barking plastic dogs, created by Taiwanese artist Peng Hung-chih.

Peng approaches his favorite object at several levels: experiencing the world from a dog's perspective, posing questions of identity, race and class using the example of the dog, exploring the interaction between human beings and dogs, taking the dog as a symbol for an entire people, or comparing existence as an artist with life as a dog.
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Little Danny by Peng Hung-Chih: exhibited at the O.K. Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst 2002