Published to accompany Liu Dahong's 'Childhood' at Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong, January to March 2013. 

'Liu Dahong’s "Childhood Anecdotes" are basically memorabilia from an age of troublemaking. As the stories get told and revisited, they slowly distil into personal myths. The generation that grew up during the years of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution has common stories to tell, and it seems to me the entire nation was mobilised at the time into the project of mythmaking; everyone put aside the guilt of amnesia as well as the burden of preserving the past. As a member of the burden-less generation, Liu Dahong’s legacy is to keep for us memories of troublemaking, and to bear witness against future amnesia. [...] The magic of myth is that it cures amnesia. The myth of troublemaking reveals to us not just its own era, but also the world that came before revolution. In stretching back our memory it stretches knowledge, and life itself.' (Excerpt from 'Era of Troublemakers' by Chang Tsong-Zung, p. 10) 
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Liu da hong: Tong nian

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Era of Troublemakers/ 因為搗蛋,所以不朽 - CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁
Now, Let's Talk Kidspeak: Reflections on Reading Liu Dahong's Childhood/ 現在,讓我們講講童話……劉大鴻新作「童年」讀後 - HU Bushi, 胡不適
Liu Dahong: Childhood
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Liu Dahong: Childhood, 劉大鴻: 童年