The present publication puts together writings on the art scene in Singapore in the 1960s and 1970s by 2 seminal figures in the Singapore art scene, Liu Kang and Ho Ho Ying. With preface by T.K. Sabapathy. An index is provided.

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- CHEO Chaihiang, 蔣才雄

Art Criticism
Definition of an Intellectual

- LIU Kang, 劉抗

Art, besides being New, has to Possess an Intrinsic Quality in order to Strike a Sympathetic Chord in the Hearts of the Viewers

- HO Hoying, 何和應

On incomprehensibility, Hanging Upside Down, Doodling and the Artist's Stance

- HO Hoying, 何和應

Towards Fair and Rigorous Art Criticism

- HO Hoying, 何和應

Six Undesirable Attributes of the Singaporean Art Scene

- HO Hoying, 何和應

Why do we need to be Innovative

- HO Hoying, 何和應

Art Contexts
Nurturing new life in the Gravel Bed of the River

- LIU Kang, 劉抗

The current art scene in Singapore

- HO Hoying, 何和應

The Current Situation and Prospects for the Development of Art in Singapore

- LIU Kang, 劉抗

The Thirtieth Anniversary of the Singapore Art Society

- LIU Kang, 劉抗

Western Painting in Singapore over the last forty-five years

- LIU Kang, 劉抗

Art Practice
Written on the eve of the October Exhibition

- HO Hoying, 何和應

The Cultures of East and West and the Art of Singapore

- LIU Kang, 劉抗

Trip to Bali

- LIU Kang, 劉抗

The Art of Sunyee

- LIU Kang, 劉抗

The Art of Georgette Chen

- LIU Kang, 劉抗

Interjections (All the articles listed in this section are written by Cheo Chaihiang)

- CHEO Chaihiang, 蔣才雄

At lunch with Yves Fay
Towards a critical practice in printmaking
What boundaries?
Dear loosetooth
Encounter with Lu Xun
Window-shopping for ideas
Art in conversation with technology
Malays are only good at Art
Thoughts on Work-in-Progress
Foot exercises for foot health
A true Buddhist
The Housework Project
Liu Kang and Ho Ho Ying RE-CONNECTING: Selected Writings on Singapore Art and Art Criticism
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Liu Kang and Ho Ho Ying RE-CONNECTING: Selected Writings on Singapore Art and Art Criticism

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