A prominent academic in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, Lu Fusheng is simultaneously a painter. In his paintings one finds traditional elements, namely sages and famous poets, and inscriptions of poems and writings from classics of different dynasties. Yet Lu tends to look at them from a different angle: he mixes freely the various scripts in his calligraphic works; his figures are sometimes dwarfed and at other times enlarged to fill the entire scroll. The series of works presented in this catalogue include: Sages and Poets, Philosophers, Tang Ladies, Ancient Garden and Ancient Path, Giant Face as well as calligraphy. A foreword by the artist and two articles on his art are also included. With artist's biography.


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茫茫象罔尋珠道 --- 簡述盧輔聖的藝術 - SHAO Qi, 邵琦
盧輔聖的張力 - XU Longsen, 徐龍森
Introduction - Alice KING, 董建平
Lu Fusheng: A Scholar Painter
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Lu Fusheng: A Scholar Painter, 盧輔聖

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