'The art of Lucia Cheung evolved from the Ling-Nam School of Southern China. This school is an important force of innovation for Chinese painting in this century. It developed the "colour-wash" technique to great sophistication and it excels in the use of colours.[...] Lucia Cheung's paintings have the atmosphere of dreams. Life studies of plants and landscapes are transformed into visions that glow with an inner light. Her use of "colour-wash" and her characteristically breezy brushlines bring out the ambiguous relationship between forms of objects and pure paintely [sic] marks. Like the substance of dreams, or the illusion of colouds [sic], the figures of lotus or willow or hilly landscapes all seem to acquire form unsteadily from the airy brushwork; and then quickly disperse again into the web of lines and colours from which they arose.' - excerpt from introduction by Chang Tsong-Zung. This is a slim catalogue featuring the Macau-born artist's works from 1983 to 1986. Foreword by Yang Shan-shen. Includes brief artist biography (in Italian only).
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Lucia Cheung
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Lucia Cheung, 張雅燕