This is a monograph of Lui Shoukwan, one of the leading modern artists in Hong Kong. Lui was born in China and later settled in Hong Kong in the spring of 1948. Often described himself as a self-taught artist, Lui studied traditional Chinese ink painting by constantly copying classical works which he had the opportunity to view in his father's antique shop. But it must be noted that Lui's involvement with traditional Chinese painting was not restricted to any particular artist in history, or any particular style, school or period. The paintings presented here (a total of 194 pieces of works) show that the artist was not satisfied with the mere preservation of the traditional art form, he was constantly experimenting with his technqiues and style and subject matters so as to further develop traditional Chinese ink painting in the spirit of the 20th Century.
A biography of Lui Shoukwan and illustration of his seals are included here.
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Introduction - Wucius WONG, 王無邪
Lui Shou-kwan
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Lui Shou-kwan, 呂壽琨