Made by Indians, the first issue of the new Made by... series under the direction of Fabrice Bousteau, is a 672-page book that looks at contemporary art, literature, fashion and graphics from India. The album includes essays by Maud Girard-Geslan, Gayatri Sinha and Alka Pande, interviews with various art collectors, and short articles on galleries and art centers such as Sakshi Gallery, Nature Morte Gallery, Gallery Espace, M+S Gallery, Bodhi Art Gallery, Akar Prakar, Chemould Gallery, Chatterjee & Lal, Foss-Gandi Gallery, KHOJ Center and Apeejay Media Gallery.
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New Wave in New Delhi - Jerome NEUTRES
The Story Behind the Big Book Made by Indians: An Interview with Enrico Navarra by Jonathan Chauveau
I am made by India - Fabrice BOUSTEAU
The Silk Road of Contemporary Art: An Interview with Pierre Huber by Fabrice Bousteau
Sources, Hybridity, Complete Freedom: Some Thoughts About Indian Contemporary Art - Maud GIRARD-GESLAN
Indian Contemporary Photography: A New Visual Experience - Gayatri SINHA
Tradition Continuity Fractures Unfolding Indian Sculpture - Alka PANDE
Art Collectors
Lekha & Anupam Poddar: A family affair: An interview with Lekha Poddar by Fabrice Bousteau
Shireen Paul: Looking out for the next new wave: An interview with Priti Paul by Fabrice Bousteau
Rajshree pathy: Contemporary art for a change in India: An interview with Rajshree Pathy by Fabrice Bousteau and Jonathan Chauveau
Made by Indians
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Made by Indians

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