In this fast-changing era, conflicting and intricate ideas and forms of expressions interweaves the post-modern century. Some western art critics believe that behind the diversification, artists still share a common sense of intuition in creation. This has been influencing local art development in Hong Kong since the 60s or even earlier. The message in Josephine Chow's works usually responds to this statement. Her large paintings can be classified by two themes: one is current social issues, and the other is her imagination and fantasy. Her works since 2010 present delicacy with a smell of decadence. Audience can sense the distance and metaphysical evolution in the daily food and necessities she draws. As a catalyst of social and spiritual exploration, she portrays a microcosm of social order in her large paintings. Her still life and city scenery paintings contain illusory symbols and signs of the ephemeral nature of life. (translated from preface)

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Zhi ran zhi zao: zhou shu fen zuo pin ji

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周淑芬繪畫藝術與時代的共鳴與變奏 / A Consonance with Reality - Josephine Chow and Her Work of Art

- WONG Kaiyu Blues, 黃啟裕

生活的反思、自然的啟悟,重拾人性的種籽 / Self-actualization of Life, Inspiration of Nature and the Seed of Humanity

- CHOW Sukfan Josephine, 周淑芬

Made in Nature: Josephine Chow
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Made in Nature: Josephine Chow, 自然製造: 周淑芬作品集