Catalogue of Jiao Xingtao's solo exhibition at China Art Seasons, Beijing in 2007. Featured in the catalogue are works from his Made in China Series, Matter Morphosis Series and A Wonder Series. Sun Zhenhua wrote, 'In Jiao Xingtao's sculptures, we note that he pays special attention to the form of packaging, such as all types of packaging boxes, the paper wrapper from a pack of Wrigley's chewing gum and various objects wrapped in packaging paper. Packaging serves as a kind of cover or cosmetics over our desire. In this consumer society, the value of a product no longer depends on whether it meets our needs, or on its value in kind, but on its symbolic meaning in this exchange system. Just by its packaging and brand it may be sufficient to inspire the desire for consumption.' The catalogue includes artist statement and artist biography.
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The Trivial and Abandoned Daoist Temple Ground: On Reading Jiao Xingtao's Recent Sculptures

- SUN Zhenhua, 孫振華

Symbolism and Aesthetics in Sculpture: Matter Morphosis by Jiao Xingtao

- WANG Xiaojian, 王小箭

Matter Morphosis by Jiao Xingtao
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Matter Morphosis by Jiao Xingtao, 物語: 焦興濤雕塑作品展