Metronome is an artists' and writers' organ founded in 1996 by Clémentine Deliss. It acts as alternative art publishing, because it has not a fixed editorial team and a fixed location. Its activity started with the publication of a sort of a magazine and in 2005 Clémentine Deliss decided to build also an experimental publishing house called Metronome Press. Metronome is a non-profit organisation, it is first of all an organ and a research methodology where artists, writers and curators collaborate to produce printed projects. Its first attempt is to work with fiction, mixing art and literature. For this reason professionals of aesthetic practice, such as the artist, the critic or the writer, overlap and change their role. Fiction is a central component to all editions of Metronome, and in particular the latest productions with Metronome Press.

Metronome is more often compared to an artwork than a publication because it is both a collective artwork and a research methodology. Furthermore it cannot be considered an art magazine as such because it includes texts of fiction rather than criticism or theoretical texts written by art critics.

As a critical alternative to conventional art publishing, Metronome generates new works by artists and writers with the intention of creating new circuits of art scenes in different locations. It aims to create a neighbourhood between artists and writers of all over the world, stimulating a discussion on the art backstage that cannot take place in the public space as an exhibition. For this reason it is conceived as a creative tangent to an exhibition and an instrument for research.

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Faculties of Knowledge - Images
Faculties of Knowledge - Texts
On the Mutual Illumination of Blind Spots - Murdo MACDONALD
Magical Thinking, Pure Surface, Symbiosis, Opposites - Matthew STADLER, Stephanie SNYDER
Faculties of Gastronomy, Laughter, and Strategic Thinking - Mami KATAOKA, 片岡真実
Faculty of Horkeskart - Yuko OZAWA, 小沢有子
Faculty of Re-Thinking Domestic Life - Aomi OKABE, 岡部あおみ
Faculties of Fishing and Car Polishing - Takayuki YAMAMOTO
Faculty of Polymathic Persona - Clementine DELISS
Faculty of Parasitic Re-Sculptured - Masahiro WADA, 和田昌宏
Faculty of the Science of Abundance - Yasuhiro SUZUKI, 鈴木泰博
Nuance Lab - Michelle MANTSIO
Fetishystem - Shingo SADAKUNI
Interfaculty - Nico DOCKX
Interfaculty - Jan MAST
Faculty of Discovery - Machiko HARADA, 原田真千子
A Note from a Visiting Professor - John DOUGLAS
Faculty of Slow Transfusion - Karen FORBES
Faculty of Navigations - Elizabeth GRIERSON
Faculty of Breathing Space - Irene BARBERIS
Faculty of Surfing as a Physical and Metaphysical Practice - Yuko HASEGAWA, 長谷川祐子
Faculty of Shansui, or One of Life's Scripts - HU Fang, 胡昉
Faculty of Cross-Documentation: The Library - Nigel BROWN
Ex Libris - Michael WOOD
Metronome Think Tank Tokyo
Metronome Think Tank - Documentation
Metronome Think - Tank Texts
Ambivalent Modernities - Boris GOBILLE
Another Derelict Shoe - Matthew STADLER, Stephanie SNYDER
Ways of Knowing - Roger MACDONALD
Storyteller - Magnus BARTAS
Mobility and Passageways - Richard DUNN
Ecological Reactions - Masato NAKAMURA, 中村政人
Moving University - Kiyoshi OKUTSU
Audience in Residence and University without a Campus - Tetsuya OZAKI, 小崎哲哉
A Walk Around - Peripatos - Periphery - Paideia - Christos PAPOULIAS
Future Academy: Route 128, the Road from Philomath to Polymath - Steven MYKIETYN
The Structure of Mobility - Guy BILLINGS
Origami, Hard Shells, Money, and Mobility - Takahiro IWASAKI, 岩崎貴宏
Ten Reasons to Throw an Anchor in All That Motion - Johannes RAETHER
Future Academy - The New Institution - Keith WINTER
Metronome No. 11: What is to be done? Tokyo
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Metronome No. 11: What is to be done? Tokyo