Book published along with the retrospective exhibition 'Go Study Far Away from Home—A Preview before Departure' held at a.m. space in November, 2017. It documents the artworks and art pursuit of the artist in the past eight years. From Walking Machine to Aureola, Ho Siu Kee has been exploring and interpreting the relationship between body, philosophy and religions through a series of sculptures, installations and performances all through his artistc path.

Includes artist's autograph, images of artworks, exhibition documentations, and articles contributed by the artist and others who have patronised his artistic development throughout the years.

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Implications of Vision: Phenomenology and Ho Siu-Kee | 視覺的含意:現象學與何兆基

- Frank VIGNERON, 韋一空

Ho Siu-Kee: Geometry, Art and Spirituality | 何兆基:幾何、藝術與靈性


The Perceiving Body and the Perceived World—a Discourse on Bodyness in Contemporary Art | 知覺的身體與被知覺的世界—當代藝術的身份話語

- HO Siukee, 何兆基

From Sung Ying-sing to Maurice Merleau-Ponty—'Craftmanship', 'Bodily Synthesis' and 'Art Practice' | 由宋應星到梅洛-龐蒂—「手藝」、「身體綜合」與「藝術實踐」

- HO Siukee, 何兆基

Aureola—From a 'limited body' to the 'boundless mind' to 'things and me are one and the same' |《聖光》—由「肉身有限」到「心念無盡」到「物我相忘」

- HO Siukee, 何兆基

Body Geometry—Ho Siu Kee | 此身幾何—何兆基

- TANG Yingchi Stella, 鄧凝姿

Body Geometry: Attempting to Draw a Perfect Circle in the World | 此身幾何—試圖在世上畫一個完美的圓

- HO Siukee, 何兆基

Tracing the Body Aesthetics in Contemporary Chinese Art: Hong Kong Sculptor Ho Siu-Kee as a Case Study | 追溯當代中國藝術的身體美學:以何兆基為研究個案

- Silvia FOK, 霍少霞

'Things' and 'Human Beings' and 'the World' | 「物」與「人」與「世界」

- HO Siukee, 何兆基

On Making Bricks—and Some Thoughts on 'Exploring Materials', 'Making Utensils' and 'Applications' | 造磚記—兼談「開物」、「成器」與「致用」

- HO Siukee, 何兆基

Epilogue—Looking back, at the Age of Fifty | 半百身,昧紅塵

- HO Siukee, 何兆基


- TSE Mingchong, 謝明莊

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Mind-Body-Things, 心身外物