Produced by Napoli Teatro Festival Italia 2010 and Singapore Biennale 2011, Devo Partire. Domani is a 5-channel video installation inspired by the cult arthouse 1968 Italian film Teorema by Pier Paolo Pasolini. In this work the artist plays every character of a bourgeois Italian household which goes through an identity crisis after the visitation of a mysterious Stranger.
Ming Wong has adapted the story to contemporary times and to the setting of Naples. Entirely filmed on location, the work makes extensive use of the Neopolitan landscape — including the Scampia drug ghetto, the failed industrial desert of Bagnoli, the volcano of Vesuvius, the archaeological museum and the vibrant streets of Naples — to offset the attempts by the Singapore-born artist to pass off as archetypal Italian characters inhabiting these genuine spaces. Ghosts of the past revisit their lives; statues of Gods come alive. Visions of an apocalyptic future, references to Italian cinema and cinema history enter the picture, recalling not just Pasolini's work but also his persona and legacy.

This DVD contains a documentation slideshow, video excerpts (5'12) and 5 full video previews (12'58) of the following work:

Devo Partire. Domani / I must go. Tomorrow
5 channel video installation, 2010
5 x HD video projections, synchronised, colour, stereo sound, 12'58

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Ming WONG, 黃漢明

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artwork documentation

Ming Wong: I must go. Tomorrow
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Ming Wong: I must go. Tomorrow, Ming Wong: Devo partire. Domani