'This publication presents John Clark’s collected writings on modern and contemporary Chinese art. Almost thirty years of pioneering empirical, in-depth research dedicated to modernities of Chinese art, is now for the first time conveniently brought together in one volume.

Taking up issues not handled much at the time by academic or curatorial writing, John Clark wrote articles on a wide range of separate topics, some of which anticipated future discussions. These articles fall into a coherent series of closely related examinations on the problems of "modernity" in Chinese art. Most of the essays published previously elsewhere have therefore been adapted for this publication, while others, e.g., the first hand observations of Beijing and Hong Kong in 1981, appear in print now for the first time. Chapters often include unique interview material, and much other information not found elsewhere.

Including illustrations of over 200 art works in colour with biographical appendices of Taiwan and Hong Kong artists, extensive chronological materials in thematic categories on Chinese art and an extensive bibliography, this is an essential reference work for anyone interested in modern Chinese art.' — from the back cover

Includes bibliography, index, and author biography.
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Chapter headings
Personal Introduction
Part I: Modernism
Section Introduction: Chinese Modernism in Art
1. Modern Art in China: an Art Historical Review (1997)
2. Art in Beijing (1981, 1990)
3. Modernity in Chinese Painting (1986)
4. Realism and Revolutionary Chinese Painting (1991)
5. Academicism in Chinese Oil Painting and a Nascent Avant-Garde in the 1980s (1991)
6. Official Reactions to Modern Art in China since the Beijing Massacre (1992)
Part II: Taiwan and Hong Kong
Section Introduction: Modernity in Chinese Art in Taiwan and Hong Kong
7. Art in Hong Kong (1982), Art in Taipei (1989)
8. Taiwanese Painting under the Japanese Occupation (1987)
9. Taiwanese Painting and Europe: the Indirect and Direct Relations (1986)
10. Painting in Taiwan after 1945: a Political and Economic Background (1988, 2003)
11. Literati Theories and Modernism: Liu Guosong's The Road of Chinese Modern Painting (1995-96)
12. Aspects of Taipei Modernism in the 1980s (1992, 1993, 1995)
Part III: The Contemporary in Chinese Art
Section Introduction: What is the Contemporary in Chinese Art?
13. Postmodernism and Expressionist Tendencies in Recent Chinese Oil Painting
14. Chinese Modern Artists in Postwar France (1997, 2004)
15. Dilemmas of [dis-] Attachment in the Chinese Diaspora (1995/1998)
16. Chinese Art at the End of the Millenium (1999)
Modernities of Chinese Art
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Modernities of Chinese Art

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