'Considering the cross fertilization between performance and art, these two creative genres that have inspired each other and developed alongside each other, More of an activity: the artist as choreographer explores the intimate interactions between physical movement and art from the perspective of an art exhibition format.
Recalling historic experiments and inspired by pioneering forebears, this exhibition introduces a fragment of expression by artists as co-performers on the same stage that freely and boldly incorporates the intangible element of body movement in its materials. On the stage that is an exhibition, lasting several months instead of just a few hours, and in the theater that is the impartial space of the exhibition room, where stage and audience are not divided from one another, this exhibition sheds light on artistic practices that are particularly proactive, in which the artist takes on the role of choreographer, so to speak, to produce something that spans both performance and art.' - extracted from catalogue text by Yuki Kamiya

Artist introductions, biographies and list of works are provided in this catalogue. English translations of texts are included in a supplementary booklet.

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More of an activity: the artist as choreographer
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More of an Activity: The Artist as Choreographer, もっと動きを:振付師としてのアーティスト