Accompanying 'Moving Image in China: 1988-2011' presented by Minsheng Art Museum from September to November 2011, this lavishly illustrated catalogue offers a comprehensive retrospective tracing the evolution of Chinese video art spanning over two decades. Over 70 works - including videos, installations, animations, and other multimedia pieces - by about 50 Chinese and Taiwanese artists are showcased in four chronological phases, beginning with the artists' preliminary explorations of the aesthetic value of video as a medium, and culminating in the integration of video with other media such as ink painting, animation, digital technology as well as other multimedia elements. With six essays and Barbara London's journal of her China trip in September 1997. Includes chronicle and artist biographies. 

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Minsheng Art Museum Series: Moving Image in China: 1988-2011 | 民生美術館書系: 中國影像藝術 1988-2011 | min sheng mei shu guan shu xi: zhong guo ying xiang yi shu 1988-2011

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How to Self-Construct: The Primary Facts and Narration about Moving Image in China/ 如何自我構建: 中國影像藝術的一些基本事實及敍述 - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
What Is the 'Reality' You Refer to?/ 你所說的現實是什麼? - GAO Shiming, 高士明
About Video Art - The Origin and Classification of Video Art as Well as Its Feature by Exhibiting/ 關於錄像藝術-錄像藝術的起源、分類, 展出決定的特徵 - LI Zhenhua, 李振華
Moving Images; Moving Concepts: A Survey of the Moving Image 1988-2011/ 活動的影像, 湧動的概念: 1988-2011年活動影像縱覧 - Karen SMITH
Video: The History and Present Situation of Chinese New Media Art/ 中國新媒體藝術的歷史和現狀 - ZHU Qi, 朱其
The Journey towards Individuality: Brief Discussion on Taiwan Video Art in the 21st Century/ 朝向個體的歷程: 淺談二十一世紀的台灣錄像 - HUANG Chienhung, 黃建宏
Stir Fry - A Video Curator's Dispatches from China/ 再現-中個影像藝術策展人的中國遊記 - Barbara LONDON
1988-1993 | Media Criticism and Deliberation of Bio-Politics/ 媒體批判與生命政治思考
1994-1999 | The Grammatical Analysis and Construction of Video Media/ 錄像媒體語法辨析及構建
2000-2005 | New Media Practice as Consciousness, Poetics and Sensibility/ 意識、詩學、感性交互的新媒體實踐
2006-2011 | Boundary: Diversified Moving Image/ 邊界: 多樣化的影像
Moving Image in China: 1988-2011
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Moving Image in China: 1988-2011, 中國影像藝術 1988-2011

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