The publication is produced on the occasion of the group exhibition of the same title at Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Museum of Fine Arts, Florida and Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma from June to September, 2014.

'My Generation: Young Chinese Artists looks at a whole new generation of artists that has emerged in China since 2000. All of these artists were born after 1976 and the end of the Cultural Revolution era, and have been exposed to international art movements and an increasingly liberalized education in a society undergoin rapid industrialization annd globalization. Their artworks can be characterized as "post-Chinese," free of stereotypes and icons, and liberated from an East-West dichotomy. This striking new volume presents over 50 artworks by 27 of these young Chinese artists, covering all media and types of production and including painters, video artists, installation artists, photographers, and artist collectives. Together they address issues of alienation, self-definition, cynicism, and rebellion as they examine their lives and their homeland from a global perspective.' - excerpted from flapped page.

Including artists' biographies, plates, notes on the curator and an index.
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Wo zhe yi dai

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My Generation: To be Young, Gifted, and Chinese in a Post-Mao China - Barbara POLLACK
To be Young Forever: Charting the Rise of Chinese Youth Culture in the Visual Arts - LI Zhenhua, 李振華
My Generation: Young Chinese Artists
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My Generation: Young Chinese Artists, 我這一代

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