'Now in the nineties, the Taiwan art world is a changed place, a place charged with multiple perspective where the abstract, the figurative, and the myriad materials and forms all have their own platform..."New Art, New Tribes: Taiwan Art in the Nineties", aimed at reflecting the realities of Taiwan's collection of peoples, can be roughly divided into the following categories: "The Evaluators"; "The Chroniclers"; "The Activators"; "The Conceptualizers"; "The Urbanites"; and "The Shamans." Such an arrangement facilitates a look at the new climate of Taiwan in the nineties.' - Victoria Lu. Included in this catalogue are artist biographies.

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New Art; New Tribes: Taiwan Art in the Nineties

- Victoria LU, 陸蓉之

The Retirement of the Comrade; A Dialogue of Chinese Art in a Global Context

- NAN Fangshuo, 方朔南

The Imagination of Ethnicity: Its Creation and Domination

- CHANG Maokui

New Art, New Tribes: Taiwan Art in the Nineties
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New Art, New Tribes: Taiwan Art in the Nineties, 臺灣90's新觀念族群