In this issue of Nex Art, An Tea-ho contributed an article on artist Gu Bon-ju's premature death and the lawsuit against an insurance firm. Cho Kwan-yong reviewed Yong Hae-sook's works, Roh Hung-suk wrote about artist Jeong Jae-cheol's journey along the Silk Road and Lee Han-na contributed an article on her experience as an artist. There is also a report on the 'Art of the Year Prize'. Please note that a short summary in English is provided with each article.
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'Problematic man' Gu Bon-ju, standing for the social status of the artist - AN Teaho, 안태호
True Nature of the Living - CHO Kwanyong, 조관용
A Weird gift whose use has abruptly changed - ROH Hungsuk
Laborer artist's painting experience - LEE Hanna
Remembering the Art of the Year Prize - JUNG Goeun, 정고은
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Nex Art (2006.2)