This book is published at the 10th anniversary of Taikang Space curatorial team in 2013. Based on the discussion started off by speakers from local small and medium private art galleries, as well as of non-profit galleries, an in-depth presentation regarding the institution's objectives, business background, operative scale and team-building is suggested. The topics covers a variety of organizations based in culturally more developed cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Wuhan. Through the dialogues, readers are explored to the present state of the non-profit art organizations, and how they survive and pursue their aspirations.

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泰康空間十週年 3/3 | Zhong guo fei ying li yi shu ji gou

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持續發聲才是關鍵 - SUN Li, 孫莉
我對方法,比目的和內容更感興趣 - GUO Hongwei, 郭鴻蔚
年輕人一定要有自已的空間 - HU Xiangqian, 胡向前
實現了在白盒子展廳實現不了的一種狀態 - WANG Wei, 王衛, Rania HO, 何穎宜
今日美術館是一個當代藝術的推動機構 - GAO Peng, 高鵬
理想、機制和可能的網絡 - DONG Bingfeng, 董冰峰
讓更多的人看到錄像藝術 - FANG Lu, 方璐
民生美術館逐漸將成為一個公共平台 - LI Feng, 李峰
做藝術機構比做商業機構好玩 - ZHAO Ju, 趙趄
非營利要起到調節藝術生態失衡的作用 - Colin CHINNERY, 秦思源
嘗試讓個體性文化發生/生存 - JIAO Yingqi, 焦應奇
中國當代文化的催化平台 - Philip TINARI, 田霏宇
非營利藝術機構要為市場以外的精神探索創造一個環境 - FEI Dawei, 費大為
民營美術館是建造長遠文化價值的地方 - ZHANG Zikang, 張子康
(Non-Profit Art Organisations in China)
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Non-Profit Art Organisations in China, 中國非營利藝術機構

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