New Voice is Volume 10 of the periodical Dislocation. 'In this volume, "Dislocation" features a selected new and notable photographers with common academic background (mostly come from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University). The education perspective of the HKPU with an emphasis on creative and critical thinking instead of pure instrumental approach to photography since early 90's has further the possibilities of this communication medium. The image scenario presented here do not serve as a future index or direction of Hong Kong photography; what it share with us are slices of the present moment they are now inhabiting.' - from the opening page

Note: Dislocation became a biannual publication starting from 1996: Vol.5.

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'Teaching & Learning - The Old Couple?'

- TSANG Takping Kith, 曾德平

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NuNaHeDuo (Dislocation) Vol.10: New Voice, 娜移 Vol.10