This publication introduces 25 studios in which Hong Kong's painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, installation and mixed-media work take shape. The spaces range from luxurious homes to starkly-lit workshops in industrial buildings, and each offers fascinating insight into the psyches of the artists who inhabit them. With preface by Peter Lau, Tang Ying-chi and introduction by Oscar Ho. Also included are artist biographies and a studio location map.

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Ho Siu-kee: Between Objects & Breaks - CHAN Sailok, 阿三
Kum Chi-keung: Under a Happy Sky - Teresa CHAN, 陳慧思
Sara Tse Suk-ting: A Story of Memory - CHOI Wingsze, 蔡穎思
Fiona Wong Lai-ching: Shades of Difference - CHAN Sailok, 阿三
Christopher Ku Mun-chiu: Layers of Space - GARCIA Livia B., 陳令芯
Kacey Wong Kwok-choi: The Quiet Soil of the Hectic Earth - TUNG Cherry
Evelyna Liang Yee-woo: A Loving Place - CHAN Sailok, 阿三
Victor Lai Ming-hoi: Embracing the Rhythm of Art - CHOI Wingsze, 蔡穎思
Lui Chun-kwong: A Place to Dwell - CHAN Sailok, 阿三
Rosanna Li Wei-han: Into Toyland - TUNG Cherry
Wilson Shieh: The Humble Flat - LEUNG Ronny
Carol Lee Mei-kuen: Half Public, Half Private - CHOI Wingsze, 蔡穎思
Wong Sau-ching: Disappearing Island - CHENG Chiming Carl, 鄭志明
Mountain Loft: The Wheel of Fate - LEUNG Ronny
Fansangonei Alias: Shared Independence - Teresa CHAN, 陳慧思
Greenware Studio: The Flow of Lives - CHAN Sailok, 阿三
Kwun Tong 1126: The Art of Joining Hands - Teresa CHAN, 陳慧思
Mr 221: The Power of Unity - GARCIA Livia B., 陳令芯
Studio 615: Forward to Yesterday - LEUNG Ronny
Jerry Kwan: A Fusion of Worlds - GARCIA Livia B., 陳令芯
Ou Da-wei: Alone with Addiction - CHENG Talon, CHENG Chiming Carl, 鄭志明
Tse Ming-chong: A Life of Indefinite Images - CHENG Chiming Carl, 鄭志明
Tam Wai-ping: An Island for the Soul - TUNG Cherry
Kurt Chan Yuk-keung: Nomadic Process - GARCIA Livia B., 陳令芯
Francis Yu Wai-luen: A Three-Painting Heaven - CHAN Sailok, 阿三
Oasis: Artists' Studio in Hong Kong (Vol. 1)
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Oasis: Artists' Studio in Hong Kong (Vol. 1)

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