Long March Project is an ongoing initiative that organises international exhibitions and projects, community-based educational programs, and artist residencies. Conceived in 1999 by Lu Jie, the name of the project references the Long March (1934-35) of Mao Zedong and the Red Army of the Communist Party of China, one of the largest political upheavals in history. After establishing the Long March Foundation in New York in 2000, the project officially began two years later when its founding members invited artists, writers, curators, theorists, activists, and others to join them in retracing the historical route of the march. Since then, the Long March Project has taken on the role of art dealer, artist-run space, gallery, commercial enterprise, and publishing house. Long March Space was founded by Lu Jie in the 798 Art District of Beijing in 2002. For more details, please visit the websites of Long March Space and Long March Project.

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Long March Project | 長征計劃 | Long March Foundation | 長征藝術基金會 | 25000 Cultural Transmission Center | 二萬五千里文化傳播中心 | Chang zheng kong jian | Chang zheng ji hua | Chang zheng ji jin hui | Er wan wu qian li wen hua chuan bo zhong xin

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Organisation File (China): Long March Space, 文化/藝術團體檔案 (中國): 長征空間