The exhibition 'Oriental Metaphor' features artists from Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan whose works are grounded in related yet unique cultural and artistic traditions. Presented by Gallery LOOP, Seoul, from December 2006 to February 2007, it is part of an ongoing project which also includes forums and publications involving art historians and social and philosophical humanists. Gallery LOOP Director Jinsuk Suh states, 'The dismantling and restructuring of Orientalism or the escape from modernization and the complete devotion to Westernization question "tradition" that has been overlooked in history. How to understand tradition is the question that contemporary Asian art need to resolve.' This book combines symposium and lecture proceedings with a catalogue section introducing the artists and their works. Artist biographies are provided.
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About the Exhibition

- SUH Jinsuk, 서진석

Catching Moonbeams in Water

- LENG Lin, 冷林

Realignment of Senses and the World - Oriental Metaphor

- RYU Chulha

Unstable View of the Self-World

- Fumihiko SUMITOMO, 住友文彥

Criticism on Orientalism of the Concept of Superflat - Case Study: Scenes of the Japanese Contemporary Art

- Ren FUKUZUMI, 福住廉

Oriental Metaphor: The Chinese Neo-Literati Art

- Victoria LU, 陸蓉之

Inner Split - Orientalism in Japanese Contemporary Painting

- Shihoko IIDA, 飯田志保子

The Chinese Fine Arts: Its Roots and Modernization, Its Tortuous Days and New Waves

- KIM Sangcheol, 김상철

Oriental Metaphor - Approach to Oriental Philosophy

- KIM Sicheon

'Eastern Way', Eastern Instrument: Reading Eastern Culture from an Eastern Perspective and in an Eastern Grammar

- WOO Silha

Oriental Metaphor
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Oriental Metaphor