The present issue on Shanghai is part of Parachute's series of issues which dedicate to emerging cities. It brings together essays written on the role of art and artists in the rapidly transforming city of Shanghai.
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Shanghai - Chantal PONTBRIAND
Shanghai/Shanghai: Spaces without Qualities/Spaces of Promise - Stephen WRIGHT
I Don't Know: Visual Essay - Ken LUM, 林蔭庭
The Long Striptease: Desiring Emancipation - Charles MEREWETHER
2004.1.1. Shanghai: Visual Essay by Jing Feng, Ni Jun, Tang Maohong, Song Tao, Yang Zhenzhong
'A City without Leftovers': A Conversation with Ma Qingyun - Stephen WRIGHT
Tourism, Art and Shanghai's Urban Skyline - Alice Mingwai JIM, 詹明慧
Pranks and Prohibitions: On the Art of Xu Zhen - Natalie DE VITO
Suzhou River: Memoire urbaine et cinema tactile (in French only) - ZHANG Zhen, 張真
Shanghai and Beyond: A Roundtable with Ken Lum, Davide Quadrio, Xu Tan and Zhang Weiwei - Ingrid CHU, 朱珮瑿
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Parachute 114 - Shanghai

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