Para/Site Art Space has been very active in Hong Kong art scene since its establishment in 1996. This volume features its achievements in the first five years, during which it mounted many exhibitions (local and overseas) and offered art criticism classes.
Apart from local artists, overseas artists such as Brett Jones, Sarah Stubbs, Garielle Jennings, Yvonne van der Velden, Marc Brulhart, Janenne Eaton, Gregory Pryor, Richard Holt, Sabina Hoertner, and Yoshiaki Kaihatsu are also featured in this book.
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CHAN Corrin, 陳翠兒

CHAN Kaiyin, 陳啟賢

CHAN Waibong Clement, 陳偉邦

Lisa Szeman CHEUNG, 張思敏

Luke CHING, 程展緯

CHO Hyunjae, 조현재

CHU Takwah Almond, 朱德華

CHUN Hauching, 秦孝貞

FUNG Meiwah May, 馮美華

FUNG Winnie Takkwan, 馮德君

HO Siukee, 何兆基

HUANG Wenhao, 黃文浩

HUI Bell Chuihung, 許翠紅

KO Tinyan Celia, 高天恩

KWOK Mangho / Frog King, 蛙王, 郭孟浩

KWOK Ying, 郭瑛

LAM Margaret, 林彩群

LAM Yuklin Pauline, 林玉蓮

LAU Lily Leelee, 劉莉莉

Jamsen LAW, 羅琛堡

Patrick LEE, 李志芳

LEUNG Chinfung Jeff, 梁展峰

LEUNG Chiwo Warren, 梁志和

LEUNG Manho, 梁文豪

LEUNG Meeping, 梁美萍

LEUNG Poshan Anthony, 梁寶山

LI Manwai Tim, 李民偉

LI Weihan Rosanna, 李慧嫻

LIN Ida Fonglan, 連芳蘭

LIU Esther, 廖潔連

LO Szelim Chris, 羅士廉

LO Yinshan, 盧燕珊

LOK Mimi, 駱佩儀

LUI Chunkwong, 呂振光

LUK Patrick, 陸宗霖

MAN Chingying Phoebe, 文晶瑩

Ellen PAU, 鮑藹倫

SAM Shookmei, 沈淑媚

SIN Yuen, 冼紈

SO Hingkeung, 蘇慶強

SO Yankei, 蘇恩祺

Hiram TO, 杜子卿

Henry TSANG, 曾慶偉

TSANG Takping Kith, 曾德平

Shirley TSE, 謝淑妮

TSE Yimon, 謝炎安

TSUI Ngai Miranda, 徐藝

Eric Otto WEAR, 華立強

Andy WONG, 黃皓暉

WONG Chihang Sara, 黃志恆

WONG Chiutat Justin, 黃照達

WONG Kwokchoi Kacey, 黃國才

Annie WU, 吳哲明

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Chapter headings
Para/Site's Five Years of Naivety - TSANG Takping Kith, 曾德平
The Community Tactiles of Para/Site Art Space - TSANG Takping Kith, 曾德平
Porfane and Sacred: Art in the Public - CHAN Yukkeung Kurt, 陳育強
Hong Kong Art's Venue - John BATTEN
Para/Site Art Space: Installation and Cultural Identity - David CLARKE, 祈大衛
Art Criticism - An Insider's Note - CHAN Kaiyin, 陳啟賢
Trying to Stay out of Context: Artrist as Ironist? - YEUNG Yang, 楊陽
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