Accompanies Park Seo Bo's solo exhibition at Daegu Art Museum, March to July 2012. With artist biography.

'This exhibition is organised to feature Park Seo Bo’s new paintings, which have changed in the perspective of various colour usage and spatial composition since 2000. These days Park Seo Bo develops a newer art world by adding lyrical colour to the consistent formativeness that he has kept from the past. After layering wet Korean hanji paper that was soaked in water onto the canvas, when it has not yet dried, the activity of drawing lines is performed repetitively and it creates a furrow, and the Korean hanji paper pushed out to the side creates a ridge. The furrow and ridge created by solidifying and forming the shape seem to be parallel through the activity of drawing lines but in fact are not identical at all. Here, he dresses colours with a delicate brush touch and completes the work. The work completed by the "taste" of the artist’s hand creates the visual rhythms and makes the viewer feel the breadth of the artist, and delivers the textural aesthetic.' (Excerpt from Daegu Art Museum)
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Opening the Park Seo Bo Exhibition/ 隨著朴栖甫畫展帷幕的拉開

- LEE Soukyoun, 이수균

Ecriture, Return to Spirituality/ 描法_精神回歸

- LEE Minjung

The Absolute Flat/ 絕對平面

- KIM Yongdae, 김용대

Park Seo Bo: Attempting the Impossible/ 朴栖甫: 挑戰極限


Park Seo Bo
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Park Seo Bo, 박서보