This issue of Paroles focuses on the painter, novelist and playwright, Gao Xingjian, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000. With reviews on Gao's exhibition at L'Alliance Francaise de Hong Kong, and Kacey Wong's exhibition at Para-site Art Space. It also includes an article on Hong Kong painter Choi Hochuen.

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Dong xi tan

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Nov 2000

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Gao Xingjian, prix Nobel de litterature - Gerard HENRY, 敖樹克
Pinceau-encre - Frank VIGNERON, 韋一空
Le corps collectif - MAP Office
Au revoir Ah Choi! - WONG Yankwai Yank, 黃仁逵
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Paroles (No. 174, Nov/Dec 2000), 東西譚