'This paper adopts case study pattern, drawing on the feminism arts history research approach that converted the arts issues into cultural issues. By means of illuminating Pan Yuliang's pictures and combining all her life experience, the paper unscrambled her gender awareness and investigated the social cultural origin to form her special mentality. After sorting the development of Chinese gender notion, the paper concludes: The age which Pan Yuliang lived was a period of Chinese social structure reconsolidation to modernity. At this point, the bandage on women shift itself from body to mind, appearance and emerged with a civilized and moderate mask. Pan Yuliang's weakness and contradiction was a consequence of the weakness of the overall social and cultural alienation in special historical period.' (Excerpt from abstract.)

「本文以個案研究的方戌,借鑑女性主義藝術史研究妁藝術問題轉換成文化問題的方法,通過對女畫家潘玉良的圖像闡釋, 讀解其對自我性別的內在意識,並最終考察形成她特殊心態背後所隱含的文化成因。在梳理中國性別觀念的發展歷程後指出: 潘玉良所生活的年仳是社會結構重新整合朝著現代性過渡的時代, 文化對女性的征服改變了裹腳布的外衣而以文明和一種溫和的高壓面目出現。潘玉良的軟弱和矛盾是一個特殊的歷史時期整體社會的軟弱和文化異化的最終結果。」(摘自中文摘要)

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中國藝術研究院2009屇申請碩士學位論文 | A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of M.A. in Fine Art Study

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TAO Yongbai, 陶咏白

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Perspective and Indicate: The Metaphor of Gender in Pan Yuliang's Art
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Perspective and Indicate: The Metaphor of Gender in Pan Yuliang's Art, 表征與指認: 潘玉良藝術中的性別隱喻