'This exhibition both offers a retrospective of those aritsts' many and varied experiments using technology and presents recent work in this vein by Japanese artists. The exhibition thus offers a valuable opportunity to engage in an interdisciplinary review of postwar art, spanning imaging, sound, and other domains, and to examine the many trends, from industry to the counterculture, that have contributed to the directions in which the artists of today are moving into the future.' - extracted from foreword by the organzer. With artist biographies and a chronological table listing all the important art events in the post-war period from 1951-1995. Please note that the publication is mainly in Japanese with the exception of the three essays listed below.

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Heading Towards the Unimaginable - Fumihiko SUMITOMO, 住友文彥
Non-deterministic Attitudes - Yoshitomo MORIOKA, 森岡祥倫
Interaction between Perception and Memory - Yukiko SHIKATA, 四方幸子
Possible Futures: Japanese postwar art and technology exhibition
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Possible Futures: Japanese postwar art and technology exhibition

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