"Printed Project 11 curated / edited by Sarat Maharaj is a series of reflections, extensions and musings emerging from and around the Guangzhou Triennial 2008. The critical thinking and lines of inquiry explored include the global shifts in political and economic focus; mapping post-western modernity; and how this relates art practice and theory in China and beyond." from the Visual Artists Ireland website.

Note: Online Edition is downloadable at: http://www.visualartists.ie/artprogs/printedproject/AP_back_issues.html
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Timeline / Forums in Motion
Counter Creed: Quizzing the guangzhou Triennial 2008 according to James Joyce's 'Catechetical Interrigation' - Sarat MAHARAJ
Translators Notes - Chen Jun
The Self Imagining of Guangzhou Triennial 2008: An Exercise in Negation - GAO Shiming, 高士明
Fare Well, The Third Guangzhou Triennial - CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁
Nearer to the Further Shore - Paul O'Kane
I-Ching / Inventory 1 / Gunagzhou / Berlin / Whangaroa 2008/9 - Ecke BONK
I-Ching Blossoming / Inventory II - Ecke BONK
Wake in Gunagzhou: The History of the Earth 2008 - Marie Thereza Alves
Towards Heaven / Towards the Centre of the Earth - Hans Hamid Rasmussen
The Salt Satyagraha Online: Gandhi's March to Dandi in Second Life - Joseph DeLappe
Military Court and Prison - CHEN Chiehjen, 陳界仁
One of These Days 03 - ZHOU Yi, 周依
Columna - Lyn Carter
Noir Christi - Conrad Bates
To Seek an Invisible Object of Hugeness - CHEUNG Wanman Amy, 張韻雯
The Consolations of Museology - LEE Honghwee Michael, 李鴻輝
The Seven Sequential Parts of A Loser's Respite* - LEE Honghwee Michael, 李鴻輝
Can the Squatter Speak? - Simon LEUNG, Steven LAM, 林司律
Old Land New Waters - TRINH T. Minh Ha
The Tea Pavilion - Complexities, Confusion and Common Spaces - Dorothee ALBRECHT
Curatorial (?) conceit - Zoe BUTT
Some Notes on the Road to the GZ3 - Gertrud SANDQVIST
Critical Reflections on the Staging of the Third Guangzhou Triennial, 'Farewell to Post-Colonialism: Towards a Post-West Society?' - Paul GLADSTON
Censor's Notice
Risk Society's 'Cosmopolitan Moment' - Ulrich BECK
Southeast Asian Cinema in the Reflection of Post-Third-Worldist Cinema: A Contemplative Space for Dialogue - Sopawan BOONNIMITRA, โสภาวรรณ บุญนิมิตร
New Horizons - African Contemporary art and Postcolonial Politics - Stina EDBLOM
A Conversation on Emerging Arab Cultural Identity - Khaled D. RAMADAN, Saleh BARAKAT
Globalisation, Open Skies and Post-colonial Observations - Khaled HAFEZ
A Conversation Between Tamar Guimaraes and Marie Thereza Alves - Avi ALPERT
Dream It Plan It Chance It Risk It: Kingston Logic - Annie PAUL
Education As an Art Project - HUANG Xiaopeng, 黃小鵬
Some Thoughts - HU Xiangcheng, 胡項城
Reading (and Curating) From Right to Left - Gilane TAWADROS
After Modernity: Towards a Post-Western Culture - Stuart SIM
Translators Notes - DU Keke
Printed Project (issue 11): 'Farewell to post-colonialism' - Querying the Guangzhou Triennial 2008
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Printed Project (issue 11): 'Farewell to post-colonialism' - Querying the Guangzhou Triennial 2008