'Over the past two decades, geopolitical borders have shifted and new technologies have forged channels of communication around the world. The Western art world has become part of a much broader field, opening itself to new continents and allowing for a significant crosspollination of post-Conceptual strategies and vernacular modes. Printed materials, in both innovative and traditional forms, have played a key role in the exchange of ideas and sources.

'Print/Out, published in conjunction with an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, examines the evolution of artistic practices related to printmaking, from a recent resurgence of traditional printing techniques—often used alongside digital technologies—to the proliferation of self-published artists’ projects. Print/Out features focused sections on ten artists and publishers—Ai Weiwei, Ellen Gallagher, Martin Kippenberger, Lucy McKenzie, Aleksandra Mir, museum in progress, Edition Jacob Samuel, SUPERFLEX, Robert Rauschenberg, and Rirkrit Tiravanija—as well as rich illustrations of printed projects from the last twenty years by major artists such as Trisha Donnelly, Felix Gonzalez- Torres, Thomas Schütte, and Kelley Walker.' (Abstract from MoMA Store's Website)
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Print/Out - Christophe CHERIX
Martin Kippenberger - Christophe CHERIX
Ai Weiwei - Interview by Sarah Suzuki
museum in progress - Kim CONATY
Rirkrit Tiravanija - Interview by Christophe Cherix
Ellen Gallagpher - Sarah SUZUKI
Edition Jacob Samuel - Kim CONATY, Christophe CHERIX
SUPERFLEX - Interview by Kim Conaty
Lucy McKenzie - Christophe CHERIX
Aleksandra Mir - Interview by Christophe Cherix and Kim Conaty
Robert Rauschenberg - Christophe CHERIX
PRINT/OUT: 20 Years in Print
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PRINT/OUT: 20 Years in Print

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