Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula, and Shuddhabrata Sengupta of Raqs Media Collective conducted a residency in March 2009. Their visit to Hong Kong was spent exploring and imagining the vanished walls of Kowloon Walled City and between the shelves of Asia Art Archive. This period inspired new strands in the Collective's investigations into the memory and amnesia, persistence and erasure, of streets, walls, and documents. Throughout the month, a series of interventions, performances, and events took place around the residency. More details on the program page.


1) Two sets of jigsaw puzzles imprinted with the words Key & Mu(目) over/inside the display box: 'The word Index – the key to archive and to memory – in a Chinese dictionary offers the character – Mu (目). Mu – or the eye – can also be used to begin all sorts of words including miracle, and sub-list, or catalogue or index. There is something mundane yet miraculous in the diligent labour that an archivist performs in order to transform a mass of disorderly information into a working archive. The eye, the lists that the eye makes, is the key to the delicate balance between order and decomposition in the archive.' (Excerpted from the lecture performance)

2) 25 tiles imprinted with the map of Kowloon Walled City during 1987;

3) 120 index cards individually imprinted bringing together 40 sets of prose from the titles of books, publications and catalogues in the archive. In its own way, this assemblage acts as a Mu (eye) to the holdings of the archive;

4) Stamp print blocks of the 40 sets of prose. 
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