PS is published by Para/Site Art Space (Hong Kong).
With the theme "On Perform-ance/ing Art", "PS Special" examines the practice of performance art in Hong Kong. Wen Yau, Anthony Leung and Yan Patto contribute to participate in the discussion; Peg Leung, Phoebe Hui, Clara Yeung, Ebby Wong, Tiffany Sum, Yuenjie, Clara Cheung, Chiu Kayee and Wen Yau include their artwork briefs that are complemented with images.
Comic artists Yeung Hok Tak and Chi Hoi are interviewed. For the "Notebook" column, Ng Tsz-kwan's talk at the Para/Site art critic lecture series is transcribed and reprinted. For the review section, Rosanna Li's recent work showcased in the 'Woman' Unwanted exhibition and the artist Kwan Sheungchi is also featured.
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Let's Discover the 'Far-fetched' and Unexpected under the Big Blue Sky...

- wen yau, 魂游

Total Theater: Imagine the Possibility of De-specularization

- YAN Patto, 甄拔濤

An Interview with Two 'Comicians'

- CHOI Joyce, 蔡芷筠

Note on Media Art (Ng Tze Kwan)

- Ah Kit, 張鐵樑

Critical Chop Shui: Back to the 'Woman' Radicals

- Julie CHIU, 趙茱莉

Critical Chop Shui: Forever a Star -- Kwan Sheung-chi

- JIU Sipar, 雀屎爬

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PS: Visual Arts and Culture Magazine (No. 20; Spring 2003), PS: 視覺藝術文化雜誌(第20期;2003年春季)