A major survey of Qiu Zhijie's artistic development from 1990 to 2009, categorising the wide range of practices according to their forms and themes. Among the numerous works, Qiu's UCCA project in 2009, 'Breaking Through the Ice' is recorded in details with artist's notes regarding each work, text and drawing mapping the exhibition's narrative structure, and plates of 30 Letters to Qiu Jiawa (2009).

This book accumulates interviews with the artist, as well as essays by Guo Xiaoyan, Gao Shiming, Zhao Tingyang, Fan Di'an, and Chang Tsongzung. Includes artist's biography.
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QIU Zhi Jie: wu zhi zhe de po bing shi

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Fleeting Clouds - A Dialogue between Jérôme Sans and Qiu Zhijie/ 過眼雲煙-杰羅姆.桑斯和邱志傑的對話
Six Things about Qiu Zhijie/ 關於邱志傑的六種問題 - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
Qiu Zhijie's Art - Excerpts from a Conversation between Lu Jie, Gao Shiming and Qiu Zhijie/ 邱志傑的藝術創作:盧杰、高士明與邱志傑的對話(節選)
Breaking through the Ice: Narrative Structure of the Exhibition/ ’破冰’展覧的敍事結構 - QIU Zhijie, 邱志傑
Breaking through the Ice: The Future is not a Tunnel/ 破冰:未來不是一條隧道 - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
Impermanent Brushstrokes - On Writing and Memories/ 無常的筆觸-關於書寫與記憶 - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
Impermanence - Interpreting Qiu Zhijie (An Excerpt)/ 在無常-日常中的短暫停留--對於邱志傑的一種解釋(節選) - GAO Shiming, 高士明
The History of Objects - Thoughts and Destiny/ 物的歷史:思及人的命運 - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
Removing Perception/ 清潔感覺 - ZHAO Tingyang, 趙汀陽
A World of Mutual Construction/ 互構的世界 - FAN Dian, 范迪安
Body Resistance - Reflecting on Limitations and Freedom/ 反抗的身體-限制與自由的思考 - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
Micropolitics: Reflecting on History through the Individual/ 微觀政治:通過個人對歷史反思 - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
From Conformist Norms to Paradigm Creation/ 從規範到典範 - CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁
An Innocent's History of Breaking the Ice - Views on Creativity and Existence/ 無知者的破冰史-關於創造和存在觀 - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
Qiu Zhijie | Breaking the Ice: A History
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Qiu Zhijie | Breaking the Ice: A History, 邱志傑:無知者的破冰史

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