This publication is produced on the occasion of group exhibition of the same title held in Shenzhen Art Museum, China in November 2012.

The exhibition is largely a continuation and expansion of 'Image of History', both presenting works combining history with realities. Artists borrow symbols imprinted in the minds of people, and demonstrate reflections of the two diatomic concepts. The art works on one hand emphasize reflections or criticism on collective and individual memory, and on the other hand draw on the Western post-modern art strategy, in which artists often juxtapose, imitate or quote historical images before China's reform and opening up.

Including plates of art works and artists' biographies.
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Zai li shi: zhong guo dang dai yi shu yao qing zhan

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Re-history - The visual testimony of socialist experience | 再歷史 - 社會主義經驗的視覺見證 - JI Shaofeng, 冀少峰
Image Transfer and Socialist Visual Experience - Viewed from the 'Re-history: Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition' | 圖像轉向與社會主義視覺經驗 - 從'再歷史 - 中國當代藝術邀請展'談起 - YOU Jiang, 游江
Re-history: Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition
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Re-history: Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, 再歷史:中國當代藝術邀請展