The present catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition entitled ‘Reconstructions: Avant-Garde Art in Japan 1945-1965’ which was held at The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, and Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, from December 1985 to April 1986. The exhibition showcased for the first time in the West a selection of avant-garde art which focuses upon the relationship between art and society in Japan during the two decades after World War II. Chronology and bibliography are provided.

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Introduction - David ELLIOTT, Kazo KAIDO
Reconstruction: The Role of the Avant-Garde in Post-War Japan - Kazo KAIDO
Progressive Trends in Modern Japanese Art - Ichiro HARIU, 針生一郎
Surrealism and Post-War Reconstruction - Kazo KAIDO, Yasuhiro YURUGI, 萬木康博
The New Realism - Kazo KAIDO
Gutai, Informel and Abstract Art - Yasuhiro YURUGI, 萬木康博, Fumio NANJO, 南條史生
Neo-Dada, Hi-Red Center: The Art of the Sixties - Kazo KAIDO, Yasuyoshi SAITO, 斉藤泰嘉
The 1960s - The Art which destroyed itself: An Intimate Account - Genpei AKASEGAWA, 赤瀨川原平
Reconstructions: Avant-Garde Art in Japan 1945-1965
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Reconstructions: Avant-Garde Art in Japan 1945-1965

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