Catalogue of solo exhibition by Li Zhanyang at Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing in 2008. '"Rent" – Rent Collection Yard (2007) is the title of the largest and most complex sculptural installation Li Zhanyang has ever created. Taking eighteen months of production after nearly a decade of conceptual incubation, Li Zhanyang’s "Rent" – Rent Collection Yard is a humorous and subjective look at the Chinese contemporary art scene. It is informed by the artist’s personal experience. Characters, both local and international, are brought to life. The 34 life-size coloured fiberglass figures of this installation are modeled after the likeness of various people familiar to the artist – among them international celebrities as well as some only known in Chinese contemporary art circles. They include Chinese and Western artists, curators, collectors, gallery owners, gallery assistants, and art students. The gathered subjects were chosen according to their public or professional roles. Displayed on a real stage they were designed to showcase each figure in a striking a pose – dramatic or absurd, some of them with imbuing mordant satire.'  - extracted from press release by Nataline Colonnello.

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Do as You Wish

- AI Weiwei, 艾未未

Rent: A Plot, or Pure Consciousness?: Li Zhanyang's 'Rent' - Rent Collection Yard

- GAO Minglu, 高名潞

A Talk with Li Zhanyang about 'Rent' - Rent Collection Yard: Nataline Colonnello, Li Zhanyang
About Li Zhanyang

- Paul Donker DUYVIS

Ai Weiwei Interviews Li Zhanyang: Ai Weiwei, Li Zhanyang
'Rent': Rent Collection Yard: Li Zhanyang
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'Rent': Rent Collection Yard: Li Zhanyang, 租: 收租院: 李占洋